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Gil Property Management

Since time immemorial, Jerusalem has been the focal point of the world and the center for all religions. This holds especially true for the Jewish world.

For this reason, throughout the years, organizations, groups and private individuals from all over the world, especially Jews, have chosen to invest in Jerusalem. Whether for reasons of sentiment or from a business-economic perspective, Jerusalem was always deemed a successful investment venture.

The choice of Jerusalem as a popular investment opportunity has, during recent years, led to two outcomes:

  1. A wide-range of businesspeople and affluent new immigrants seek apartments in Jerusalem for both long- and short-term rental.
  2. Many homes purchased as investments by Jews throughout the Diaspora stand empty.

A certain percentage of property owners have no interest in renting out their apartments. Others look forward to leasing their homes in return for a considerable profit, yet geographic distance, language barriers and cultural differences prevent them from converting this opportunity into reality.

Gil Property Management, a dynamic and experienced property management company, is here to help you, the homeowner, realize that potential.
We invite you to make use of our services with one of two programs specifically established in response to your needs.

About Yitzhak

As a pioneer of religious tourism since the 1990s, Yitzhak Goldfaden came of age within the tourist industry. Yitzhak founded “Gil Tours,” a well-known travel agency, recognized and respected throughout the Jewish world and distinguished to this day for its innovation, dependability and high level of uncompromising client service.
In the course of his wide-ranging services for tourists, Yitzhak came to recognize the need of guests visiting from overseas to care for their properties in Israel. Yitzhak’s reputation for professionalism, personal attention and his high standard of service brought many people to rely on him and entrust him with the management of their property. To date, Yitzhak oversees and is responsible for numerous properties throughout Israel, including Jerusalem, Ramat Gan, Bnei Brak and Kfar Saba.
Yitzhak employs lawyers and professional maintenance providers including electricians, plumbers, sealing system engineers and more.


Designed for people interested in securing an ample return on their property by renting to reputable tenants who will properly care for their home. A professional property management team geared to representing your interests is the best way to attain your goal.
Our Diamond Package offers the following services:


Designed for people who do not want to rent their property but require year-round management services. To these individuals, we are pleased to offer our comprehensive property management package, including:

Clients Write

David and Alice Richman | New Jersey
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To Yitzhak and all of the wonderful staff,
We've been associated with you for the past year, and now is the time to thank you for your dedicated and professional care of our apartment.
For a period of time, a different company was caring for my property, but I was not at all satisfied. I switched to your company based on the recommendation of a friend, and it is my pleasure to let you know how pleased I am with the way you carry out your commitment towards me and towards my tenants. You found us responsible tenants and negotiated a good price for the rental.
You quickly took care of any problem that arose (a water or air conditioning leak), and you are always available for service. It is a pleasure work with you.
We wish you continued success along the way,
Refael Mazliach | Paris
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To Gil Property Management,
Last week, I visited my apartment on HaRav Kook Street in Jerusalem and spoke with my tenant. It is my pleasure to inform you that he is very pleased with the way you handle and care for any of his needs. My accountant mentioned that he is very satisfied with the monthly reports regarding revenue from the apartment, and he noted that you are efficient and timely in paying any bills due on the property. He also mentioned that you commission is very reasonable. As such, we would like to continue working with you during 2021.
"With G-d's help we will go forward and succeed."

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